I am a fancier of purebred dogs not just a breeder. I commit to the following in an effort to protect purebred dogs: I wish to make certain that all my non-dog friends and acquaintances understand the differences between my hobby and the backyard and commercial breeders. I will coach each and any prospective puppy buyer, no matter what breed of pure bred dog they are seeking to ask any seller why they bred their litter.

From time to time we will breed a litter. Generally we have a waiting list and encourage you to contact us to see when we are going to breed again or if we have puppies available. If we don't have puppies we are always glad to refer you to other reputable DCA breeders who may have what you are looking for. Our pet puppies are sold on spay/neuter agreements. We also require a refundable deposit for basic obedience training. Below are photographs of some of the puppies we have had in the past - not necessarily the current litter. We may post litter announcements here too. Please check back now and then. Thank you!

Inquiries welcome!


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