The Girls September 2009
(photo taken at Goosewatch Winery on Cayuga lake, NY)

from the left: Jackie, Melody, Samantha, Tori, Jenny & Tess


Am Int. DC Amtekel's Merry Melody, CGC, JE, VC, ROMX

Am Int. Ch. Karchaus Unforgettable - Tess

Ch. Panacea Light Hearted Amtekel RN, CGC - Jenny

Am Int. Ch. Karchaus Unexpected Treasure - Tori

Karchaus From Understudy to Star - Samantha

Karchaus Unforgotten - Jackie


Currently in Competition of one sort or another...

Amtekel's Power Ball - Raffle

Ch. Amtekel's Let the Holiday's Begin - Holly

Brownwoods Ruffledwings to Amtekel - Abby

Ch. Amtekel's Total Eclipse

Amekel's Sirisu Bling - Ruby

Ch. Amtekel's Pearl Bailey - Bailey

Amtekel's So Beautiful - Sobe

Amtekel's Cheers Everyone! - Cherri-O

Amekel's Simply Because - Sabrina

And those who are retired, living in luxury...

Am. Int. Ch. Amtekel's Tehillah RA,SE, CGC - Tilly

Am. Int. Ch. Amtekel's Guinness 'n Harp RA, CGC

Karchaus Undeniable - Spice

Amtekel's Cabernet Sauvignon - Savvy

Ch. Karchaus Unaccompanied Summit - Jack

Karchaus Unlike Any Other - Timmy

Ch. Amtekel's Take a Bow, RN - Kaylee

Amtekel's Ace Up My Sleeve RN - Callie

Amtekel's Thinkin' Big - Tigger

Amtekel's Talkin' Bout Me - Meme

Amtekel Slamdunk's Bold and Trendy - Lila

Karchaus Under My Spell - Lilibelle

Karchaus Dachshire Untouchable - Elliott

Ch. Amtekel's Northern Lights Dancer - Tanzie

Ch Amtekel's Merry Heart - Meggie

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