The Past - We can't get it back or change it. However, we can learn from it, we can remember it with love, carry it with us... and share it with others that they too might have a window to it. ~ Andra O'Connell

Ch. Rose Farm's Jerry v Boondox
(the one that started us off)

Ch. Amtekel's The Great Gatsby CD, JE, VC

Rose Farms Kristel Gazer

DC Amtekel's Royal Dansk CD, JE, VC

Ch. Amtekel's Starwatch v Karchaus

DC Amtekel's Most Jubilare CD, ME, VC

Ch. Moondachs Banner v Schoenbach

Ch. Amtekel's Murphy Brown JE

DC Amtekel's Just Browsin' CD, JE, VC

Ch. Amtekel's Magic Touch - Nathan

FC Amtekel's Clover SE, UD, NAJ, NAP, RE - Clover

Karchaus Unbreakable Bond - James

FC Amtekel's The Magi's Gift

FC Amtekel's Clover SE, UD, NAJ, NAP, RE - Clover

DC Amtekel's La Merleau JE, CGC, RN, VC - Merleau

Ch. Amtekel Melody's Lyric - Xena

DC Amtekel's High and Mighty ME, CGC, VC - Mighty

Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian International
Champion Amtekel's High Marks - Space

Ch. Amtekel's Delightful Melody - Joy

DC Amtekel's Oh My Darling JE, RN, CGC, VC - Darla

Ch. Amtekel's Trooper Troy RN - Trooper

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