Dual Champion Amtekel's Merry Melody JE, CGC, VC, ROMX
Ch Karchaus Music Master x Ch. Amtekel's Murphy Brown JE

If, as dog owners and lovers we are very blessed, we will have a dog in our lives, probably just once, that is set apart and truly special. That relationship between the dog and you is a solid bond that goes both ways, they love you as much as you love them and does not stem from simply spoiling the animal into loving you. The love is genuine. It is that relationship that I have with Melody. She is my 'once in a lifetime' love. I have never obedience trained her yet she stays with me, she trusts me knowing I will never deceive her, we understand each other.

Melody is a top producing dam (Register of Merit Excellent - ROMX). She is one of the most amazing dogs to watch around puppies, training them to have manners with fairness and patience. She is the reining matriarch of our home and rules with quiet dignity. She is my special girl.


Melody showing and winning a Veteran Sweepstakes at 11 years of age


Nothing to hide! A few months shy of her 12th birthday, Melody decided to take herself swimming. With her coat wet it is easy to see what she is made of - solid, level topline, beautiful sweep of neck into shoulders that are well laid back, forechest, short hocks, nice angles in the rear and a wagging tail to finish off.


Melody at 4 months

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