Dual Champion Amtekel's Royal Dansk, CD, JE, VC
(Ch. Solong Squire v Bristleknoll x Rose Farm Kristel Gazer)

3/2/88 - 1/1/04


Danny was the dachshund of "firsts" for me and taught me a great deal in the process. He was the first dachshund that was born to a bitch that we raised. He was the first dachshund that I trained and showed successfully. He was the first dachshund handled by me who won at specialties (all dachshund shows). He was the first dachshund that I handled who won a Hound Group 1. He was the first dachshund that I formally obedience trained and showed in obedience to earn his Companion Dog title. He was the first dachshund that I field trialed and put a Field Champion title on. He was the first dachshund that I gave my heart to. He was special to us above all because he was a wonderful, sweet, sensitive, intelligent house pet, who charmed every one with his "whoa, whoa whoas" and was a wonderful ambassador for the breed. His gentle nature, be it sitting on a chair behind the whelping box to unobtrusively 'supervise' a litter being born, to sneaking into the box later to clean puppies when mothers were not looking, or just snuggling on my lap was not to be imitated. He was indeed a very dear and special dachshund.


Placing in the 93 DCA obedience trial

Danny shown here winning BOV under Fred Compagnion


under Gordon Carvill - 1995, Louisville, KY DCA

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