Dachshunds in Advertising

Dachshunds who are well trained and socialized can have a career or at least "their moments of fame". Several years ago (2006) we worked in our first television ad. Tilly was asked to work with Shaun Alexander (Seattle Seahawks). The scene was in a kitchen with Shaun at the counter making a smoothie. He squeezes a lemon that shoots into his eye and stumbles backward falling over the dog. (the yip you hear is not real!) Tilly had to have a stunt man fall backwards over her at least a dozen times. She really thought something was wrong with the man after the 6th or 7th time! Nonetheless she went with it and the commercial was great! Click here to see it

In February 2009 we did an advertising layout for Talbots Spring 09 catalog. That was a fun shoot because it was puppies that we were dealing with. Ultimately the whole litter was used on a variety of pages. That shoot was doneat a studio in Manhattan. The puppies thought it was just another day and they had a ball. Some of the pages are below.

In October 2009 we did another national television commercial; this time it was for Lowes Home Improvement. It was their Christmas commercial and Tori was the dachshund that was chosen. Tori was asked to sit on a chair in the living room. That is all. Sounds easy? Try that with dozens of people, microphones on a boom moving along the ceiling (big black things), the cameras and lights... She was awesome. The commercial is on <youtube.com> and if you blink you will miss her. She is on the left in the very beginning of the 'living room' scene. Tori's 'moment' of fame (to date) is caught on a picture below.

We have continued to do advertising with the girls..... Maisie did an ad layout for Martha Stewart; Patti and Sammie did Ann Taylor Loft, Patti Wellness dog food and West Elm, Holly a 2016 Christmas television commercial for the Sprout Network and in 2017 The Company Store had her dressed in 5 different pajamas for the November 21 National Family Pajama Day. The girls also did a television commercial in July 2017 for Garmin. Patti, Holly, Abby, Raffle, Sobe, Ramona, Bellini, Maisie & Tori participated in the shoot which took place at Rye Playland in Westchester, New York.

Having a great agent is also necessary. For each of these events we worked with Catherine Long of All Creatures. It has been fun working with her.


2009 Lowes Christmas Commercial

West Elm - Patti 2015

YouTube - Bedding

YouTube - Sofa

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